Recruitee Integration

The integration between Radancy's Employee Referrals and the application tracking system Recruitee was developed by Radancy based on the Recruitee API documentation. The integration supports the following process steps: 

  • Job Import from Recruitee 
  • Candidate Forwarding (Candidate Experience Package)
  • Talent Scout Feedback Export to Recruitee
  • Application Status Import from Recruitee




The standard Recruitee integration of Radancy including the requirements and responsibilities is described in the following paragraphs.


Job Import from Recuitee 


Jobs are created as usual by the user in Recruitee. The users are responsible for the content and completion of the jobs. All active jobs are imported and automatically published in the Employee Referrals account at 60 minutes intervals. 

During the job import, the integration automatically matches fields from Recruitee to fields from Employee Referrals in order to ensure that jobs are imported and automatically published. Location, Department, Reward and Branding within Employee Referrals are matched on an exact, case sensitive, name basis. The mapping of the contact person requires the registration with the role recruiter or admin of the assigned contact person in Employee Referrals. The mapping between the fields from Recruitee and the fields within Employee Referrals are listed below. 

The creation and publication of jobs within Employee Referrals can be supported by the usage of default values or mapping tables (details see below).




Only if, according to the specification, all mandatory fields in Employee Referrals can be filled, is the job automatically published within Employee Referrals. If mandatory fields are missing, the integration will create a draft with all available fields filled, requiring manual intervention within Employee Referrals to fill in missing fields and publish the job.



Fields marked with * are mandatory fields for publishing jobs. 

Fields marked with ** are mandatory fields for creating a draft.


Recruitee (User Interface)

Recruitee (API)

Employee Referrals

Standard Field


Job title**

Standard Field


Job Reference Number*

Standard Field


Apply URL

Standard Field



Standard Field



Default value: Customer specific email address



Default value (customer specific)


Mapping table (customer specific)



Default value (customer specific)


Mapping table (customer specific)



Default value

Not selected

End date / job with unlimited duration

Default value

Not selected

Mark this job as Hot Job

Default value

Not selected

Hiring Team

Standard Field




The job description within Employee Referrals is an HTML template that can be filled with textual standard fields only. Graphical elements such as icons, images, videos, etc. are not in the scope of the integration.

Jobs are automatically set to the status “Closed” in Employee Referrals 24 hours after they have been closed in Recruitee.


Candidate Forwarding (CEP)


The Employee Referrals Candidate Experience Package is part of the standard Recruitee integration of Radancy. The candidate starts the process in Employee Referrals and is forwarded with the application URL to the respective application form of Recruitee. The URL contains the parametersource=Firstbird to ensure that the source of the application is saved. 

As soon as the candidate has completed the application in Recruitee, the referral information in Employee Referrals will be connected to the application in Recruitee. Employee Referrals updates the status of the referral in Firstbird from “Accepted Referrals” to “In Progress”.

The synchronization requires that the candidate is using the Apply URL with the parametersource=Firstbird and completes their application with the same name and email address as in Employee Referrals. It is not possible to synchronize the status automatically if the candidate drops out of the process and/ or uses a different Apply URL, where the parametersource=Firstbird is missing. Moreover, the email address of the candidate is used to identify the right candidate. Any deviation regarding the email will block the synchronization of the application status and further steps of the integration for that specific application.


Talent Scout Feedback Export from Employee Referrals toRecruitee


The Talent Scout Feedback is an optional part of the recruiting process and depends on the Talent Scout. Employee Referrals complements the information that was added by the Talent Scout in Employee Referrals, in the custom field "Talent Scout Feedback"in the application in Recruitee. 




Employee Referrals Recruitee

Talent Scout Name

Jane Doe



She's great!

Status of the referral

How do you know each other?




Application Status Import from Recruitee to Employee Referrals


The status of an application in Employee Referrals is synchronized at 60 minutes intervals with the workflow in Recruitee. The goal of the application status synchronization is to close the referral in Firstbird when the candidate has reached a final status (“Hired” or “Rejected”) in Recruitee.

The following status mapping is available by default:


Recruitee Employee Referrals


Accepted → In Progress


In Progress → Hired


In Progress → Closed (without rejection reason)


Important note: Hiring the candidate in Employee Referrals requires the first day of work.In case recruiters do not choose the start date in Recruitee (when confirming the hiring), the 1st of the next month is automatically set as the first day of work in Employee Referrals.


Requirements & Responsibilites


Provision of credentials


The customer provides Radancy the ID of their Recruitee Account. Furthermore, the customer generates an API Token for the integration and provides it to Radancy. Both can be found in Recruitee under Settings > Apps and Plugins > Personal API-Token.


Configurations in Recruitee


The customer adds"Firstbird" as source in Recruitee and creates a new custom field named "Talent Scout Feedback"(muli-line-text) in the profile fields in Recruitee.


Job Import Mapping


The customer provides Radancy the information about which fields should be used or which default values or mapping tables should be set up for the following fields in Employee Referrals:

  • Contact person
  • Reward
  • Branding


Next steps


Only when the above requirements are met, does Radancy start the integration configuration and deploy on the customer's test account as a first step.

After successful testing, the customer must send Radancy the signed testing protocol confirming that the integration works as expected. Only then will Radancy deploy the integration on the customer's Employee Referrals production account.


You need help?


Don't hesitate to contact your IPC or Customer Success Manager at Radancy.

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