Reward Notification

Payroll reward notification 


By installing our reward notification integration, all approved rewards (manually and automatically) will be forwarded to the associated email address.



Enable reward notification

Where to find it: Click on your Name (left) - Account Preferences - Integration - Services - Reward Notification


To install the Reward Notification for your payroll accountant go to "Account Preferences" - "Integrations" - "Services" and click the button "Install" under "Reward Notification". In the new pop up window enter the recipient of the email notification.

Next choose the language in which the content of the email should be displayed.


Now select which kind of reward notification the recipient should receive:

  • All reward notifications ("Receive all reward notifications")
  • Only specific rewards ("Adjust reward notification settings").

Please note!

The reward notifications include manually and automatically approved rewards.



Adjust reward notifications

When choosing the filter "Adjust reward notification settings" at least one checkbox has to be ticked in order to save the settings.

Send notifications if the internal value exceeds the threshold

Add the reward amount (greater than/equal to) and the reward notifications will be triggered if the amount is greater than/equal to the "Internal Value" threshold previously set. 

Coins have no "Internal Value". Therefore, email notifications will be triggered for coins as well. If you want to disable notifications for your payroll accountant coin rewards, please tick the checkbox under "Send notifications for rewards, except for coins".


Please note!

The amount you enter here is not linked to any currency. This number is valid for all currencies.



Send notifications for rewards, except for coins

If you want to disable notifications for your payroll accountant of coin rewards, please tick the checkbox here.


The payroll accountant should be informed about rewards:

  • greater than/equal to 100 (Internal Value)
  • except for coins.

The recipient will receive an email about all rewards (manually or automatically approved) of an "Internal Value" greater than/equal to 100 (your chosen currency).


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