Greenhouse Integration

The integration between Employee Referrals and the application tracking system Greenhouse was developed based on the Harvest API documentation from Greenhouse. The integration supports the following process steps: 

  • Job import from Greenhouse to Employee Referrals
  • Application export from Employee Referrals to Greenhouse
  • Talent Scout Feedback export from Employee Referrals to Greenhouse
  • Recruiter Rating import from Greenhouse to Employee Referrals
  • Application status import from Greenhouse to Employee Referrals

The standard Greenhouse integration of Employee Referrals including the requirements is described in the following paragraphs.


Job Import from Greenhouse to Employee Referrals

Jobs are created as usual by the user in Greenhouse. The users are responsible for the content and completion of the jobs including adding additionally required information if necessary (e.g. selecting a reward). All Job Posts are imported and automatically published in the Employee Referrals account at 60 minute intervals as soon as they are LIVE in Greenhouse (indpendent from the job board on which the job is published). Furthermore, active as well as jobs in drafts are updated in 60 minute intervals in case recruiters make changes to the jobs in Greenhouse (e.g. wording of the job description, etc.).

During the job import, the integration automatically matches fields from Greenhouse to fields from Employee Referrals in order to ensure that jobs are imported and automatically published. Location, Department, Reward and Branding (optional) within Employee Referrals are matched on an exact, case sensitive, name basis. The mapping of the contact person requires the registration with the role recruiter or admin in Firstbird of the assigned contact person in Greenhouse. The mapping between the fields from Greenhouse and the fields within Firstbird are listed below. 

The creation and publication of jobs within Employee Referrals can be supported by the usage of custom fields in Greenhouse, mapping tables or default values (see options below).


Only if, according to the specification, all mandatory fields in Employee Referrals can be filled, the job is automatically published within Employee Referrals . If mandatory fields are missing, the Greenhouse-Employee Referrals integration will create a draft with all available fields filled, requiring manual intervention within Firstbird to fill missing fields and publish the job.

Fields marked with * are mandatory fields for publishing jobs. 

Fields marked with ** are mandatory fields for creating a draft.

Greenhouse (User Interface) Greenhouse (API) Employee Referrals

Standard Field: Title

jobpost → title

OR if empty: job → name

Job title**

Standard Field


Job Reference Number*

Standard Field: Department

departments → name


Standard Field: Office

offices → name


Standard Field: Recruiter

hiring_team → recruiters → name


Custom Field

custom_fields → reward


Custom Field

custom_fields → branding


Default value

Per default no end date is set.

End date / job with unlimited duration

Custom Field: Hot

custom_fields → hot

Mark this job as Hot Job

Default value


Hiring Team

Standard Field

custom_fields → job_description 

OR if empty: jobpost → content


The job description within Employee Referrals is an HTML template that can be filled with textual standard fields only. Graphical elements such as icons, images, etc. are not in the scope of the integration.

Jobs are automatically set to the status “Closed” in Employee Referrals 24 hours after they have been closed in Greenhouse.


Application export from Employee Referrals to Greenhouse

The candidate completes the application in Employee Referrals . Employee Referrals creates a candidate profile via the API of Greenhouse with the information provided by the candidate.

Candidate profiles and applications are created via the Greenhouse API with the following information:

Employee Referrals Greenhouse (API)  Greenhouse (user interface)

First name


First Name

Last name


Last Name




Phone number



Social media URL


Social media



All Attachments (Admin Only)






Candidate Tags

Talent Scout Name


Who gets credit



Talent Scout Feedback Export from Employee Referrals to Greenhouse

The Talent Scout Feedback is an optional part of the recruiting process and depends on the Talent Scout. Firstbird complements the information that was added by the Talent Scout in the candidate profile (“Note”) in Greenhouse. 

Firstbird Greenhouse (API)  Greenhouse (UI)

Talent Scout Name

candidates → activity_feed → notes Talent Scout Feedback


Where do you know each other from?




Employee Referrals Greenhouse


Talent Scout John Doe provided referral Feedback for the candidate.

Connection: Former employer

Reason: John Doe is great

Former employer

XY is great!



Recruiter Rating import from Greenhouse to Employee Referrals

The recruiter rating is the first interaction between the recruiter and the Talent Scout. The recruiter rates the quality of the referral in a new custom field “Firstbird Rating” (single select, custom_fields → firstbird_rating) in Greenhouse, which is synchronized at 60  minutes intervals with the recruiter rating (plus points rating) in Employee Referrals based on the following logic:

Greenhouse Employee Referrals

1 plus point

1 plus point

2 plus points

2 plus points

3 plus points

3 plus points



Application Status Import from Greenhouse to Employee Referrals

The status of an application in Employee Referrals is synchronized at 60 minutes intervals with the workflow in Greenhouse. The goal of the application status synchronization is to close the referral in Employee Referrals when the candidate has reached a final status (“Hired” or “Rejected”) in Greenhouse.

The following status mapping is available by default:

Greenhouse Employee Referrals

Active / Converted

Accepted → In Progress


In Progress → Hired


In Progress → Rejected (without rejection reason)

Important note
: Hiring the candidate in Employee Referrals requires the first day of work. As the integration does not import this date, the 1st of the next month is automatically set as the first day of work.


Requirements & Responsibilities

The integration can be entirely set up by the customer (as Greenhouse and Employee Referrals Admin User) without the intervention of Firstbird or Greenhouse.


Greenhouse Account Configuration

The customer (admin user of Greenhouse) is responsible for configuring the following:


The customer makes sure that the values in the Greenhouse field “Offices” are identical with the values in the Employee Referrals field “Locations”, and the values in the Greenhouse field “Departments” are identical with the values in the Firstbird field “Departments”.

The customer makes sure all users (hiring team in Greenhouse) are registered with the same email address in Employee Referrals as recruiters.

The customer adds the following custom fields (Job fields) in Greenhouse and makes sure the values in Greenhouse and Employee Referrals are identical:

  • “Reward” (single select)
  • “Branding” (single select)
  • “Hot” (Yes/No)


The customer adds the following custom field (Candidate fields) in Greenhouse:

  • “Firstbird Rating” (single select)

and adds the following options:

  • 1 plus point
  • 2 plus points
  • 3 plus points

Installation in Greenhouse

The customer creates a Harvest API Key login by following the below listed steps:

1. Go to "Configure" at the menu bar, click on "Dev Center" and "API Credential Management".

2. Click the button "Create New API Key"

a. API Type: Harvest

b. Description: Employee Referrals

3. Copy the API Key to a save place and click on “Manage Permission”

4. Activate "Permissions" as they are required for the integration or just click on "Select All". 

Following permissions are required for the integration:


  • GET: List Applications
  • GET: Retrieve Application
  • PATCH: Update Application


  • GET: Retrieve Candidate
  • GET: List Candidates
  • POST: Add Candidate
  • POST: Add Attachment
  • POST: Add Note


  • POST: Add New Candidate Tags


  • GET: Retrieve Department
  • GET: List Departments

Job Posts

  • GET: List Job Posts


  • GET: List Jobs
  • GET: Retrieve Jobs


  • GET: List Offices
  • GET: Retrieve Office


  • GET: List Sources


  • GET: List Users

Custom Fields

  • GET: Get custom fields

Custom Field Options

  • GET: Get custom field options

5. Click on “Save".

Installation in Employee Referrals

Login to your Employee Referrals Account as an admin user and follow the below listed steps:

  • Go to "Account Preferences", click on "Integration" and then "Services".
  • Click the button "Install" on the Greenhouse tile.
  • Click "Connect" and you will be forwarded to the authentication process (a new window will pop up).
  • Enter your Greenhouse login email, click on the button "Next Step" and enter your Greenhouse password. Confirm by clicking on the button "Authorize".
  • In the next step enter the "Harvest API Key" that you have created before.
  • If you would like to enable the integration now, activate the checkbox next to "Enable" and click the button "Save". If you would like to enable the integration later, click the button "Save" without activating the checkbox.

As soon as you have clicked on the "Save" button, the integration is installed. 

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