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Jobs to Share

A maximum of 5 jobs will be displayed on your dashboard. The selection of jobs will depend on the locations and departments you have chosen in your notifications, and potential "hot"  jobs.

By clicking "See all" (next to "Jobs to share") or "Jobs" in the left-hand menu, all published jobs will be displayed. 


Your Statistics

Your current score and level will be visible in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard.



Once you’ve shared a job via a social network or email, the job advertisement will be visible to applicants. When an applicant clicks on your shared job, their action will count as a job view.

Please note!

The number of job views is updated overnight. Therefore, the job views count is time-delayed.


Candidates will be counted as "Referrals" in your statistics as soon as they have either clicked on a shared job or been directly referred by you using the "Refer" button and have finished the first step.

Read more for further details about the two-step process.


Candidates that have finished the second step (uploaded their CV, profile picture,...) will then be counted as "Applications" in your statistics.

Read more for further details about the two-step process.

Top Rated

Your applications with a 3-plus points rating from a recruiter are displayed here.

Some of our customers do not rate candidates. If you would like to know how and if your company uses the rating, please get in touch with your HR department.



This number shows how many of your applications have been hired.



This is the sum of all your points you've collected from different activities.

Read more to learn which activities give points, when and how many.




You will find updates here about new jobs have been published or jobs closed.