Reward Shop

Functionality and configuration of the reward shop

Where to find it: Account Preferences - Reward Shop - Items

As an admin of your Employee Referral company account, you can create rewards and activate the reward shop under your "Account Settings" - "Reward Shop". 



Activating the reward shop

Where to find it: Account Preferences - Reward Shop - Settings

Here you can activate and deactivate the reward shop for your users. Please note, that at least one reward has to be "published" to activate your reward shop. To activate your reward shop go to your "Account Preferences", then to "Reward Shop" and "Settings".  Click on the grey slider next to "Reward Shop Display" to make the reward shop visible for your Talent Scouts.


Please note!

Before you can activate the reward shop, you have to publish at least one reward in advance. 



Activating coins

Where to find it: Account Preferences - Reward Shop - Settings

So that your users can also collect coins and redeem rewards, you must independently activate this as well. This can be independently deactivated at any time. That means you can decide if and when your Talent Scouts collect coins. When activated, Talent Scouts will receive the same amount of "Coins" as they do points for their activities. 



Creating a reward

Where to find it: Account Preferences - Reward Shop - Items

Click on "+ Create a reward" and a new window will pop up asking you to add a title for your reward and to provide more information. All fields with * are mandatory.

Before you start, go to the drop-down menu and choose the language in which you would like to create the new reward.

Choose a language: By setting the language, you decide in which language your users will see the reward in case their Employee Referrals user account language is not one of the languages you offer.

Example: The user set Spanish as his account language. If the user clicks on the "Reward Shop", he will see all rewards in English as you set English as your "Primary" language.

Title*: Add the title of the reward here in the language you've selected. The title will be displayed in the reward shop.

Description: Additional information of the reward. Add them in the language you've selected.

Coins needed*: The number of coins needed to redeem the reward.

Level needed: The minimum level needed to redeem the reward.

Quantity: The number of available items.

Internal Value: This value is for internal use only. Talent Scouts will not see it at any stage.

Add image: For better illustration of the reward. The minimum size is 750x400 px.

Contact Email*: This contact will be notified when a user redeems the reward.

To create your reward, click

  • the button "publish" and your reward will be visible for your users or
  • "Save to drafts" to continue editing it at a later stage.



Display reward in multiple languages

If you would like to add your reward in multiple languages, go back to the reward and under "Choose a language" select another language.

Title*: Add the title of the reward here in the language you've selected. The title will be displayed in the reward shop.

Description: Additional information of the reward. Add them in the language you've selected.

Click "Save changes" to add the new language.



Revoke reward

Where to find it: Menu bar (left) - Rewards - Reward Shop

Admins can revoke, according to the company's reward policy, wrongfully redeemed rewards.


Rewards that have been redeemed by a Talent Scout are filed under "Rewards" - "Reward Shop". In the case the reward was wrongfully redeemed, the admin can revoke the reward by clicking on the button "Revoke reward". For recruiters, this button is not visible.

A new window will pop up for a final confirmation of the action. Optionally, you can add a personal note for the Talent Scout under "Add a personal message" as to why the reward has been revoked. To avoid any misunderstandings, we highly recommend always adding a reason for a revoked reward.


By clicking on the button "Revoke reward" the Talent Scout will be informed about the revocation via email.


The "IN STOCK" counter of the reward will increase by 1.


The Talent Scout will see the revoked reward under their "Rewards" - "Reward Shop" section as well.


Furthermore, the Talent Scout's redeemed coins will be credited.



Reward management

All rewards are displayed in this area. You can create as many rewards as you want.

Published: Here you can find all the rewards that are displayed in the reward shop and can be purchased.

Drafts: Rewards that have not been completed appear in this tab.

Hidden: Hidden rewards will not be visible in the reward shop and can not be purchased.


Edit a reward

You can edit rewards any time regardless of where they are currently filed under. Click the button "Edit" and a new window will pop up. To save your changes either click the button "Save changes (reward was already published) or "Republish" (reward was hidden).


Delete a reward

To delete a reward you have to "hide" it first. You will find the reward filed under "Hidden" and then click on the button"Edit" and next "Delete" to delete the reward. 



Coins as a hiring reward

Where to find it: Account Preferences – Reward Shop – Settings

The function "Coin Availability for Reward Plans" allows you to add coins to your reward plans. If a "Hire" is generated, the Talent Scout has the chance to receive coins as a "Hiring Reward". The Talent Scout can then redeem a reward using these coins independently in the reward shop.


Please note!

In order for your Talent Scout to be able to redeem their coins, your reward shop must be activated or you should at least be planning to activate the reward shop in the near future. 


To activate "Coin Availability for Reward Plans", go to your "Account Preferences" - "Rewards Shop" - "Settings" and activate "Coin Availability for Reward Plans" (green tick).


As soon as you have activated the feature, you can add coins as a hiring reward in your reward plans.


Please note!

You can deactivate "Coin Availability for REward Plans" at any time. The rewards you have already created will remain unaffected and can still be added to jobs. However, no new "coin rewards" can be added to the reward plans. 


Please read our Help Center article "Coins as a Reward" for further information.




How can I deactivate the reward shop again?

To disable your reward shop, go to your "Account Settings" - "Reward Shop" - "Settings". Once you have disabled the reward shop, it will no longer be visible to your Talent Scouts. To avoid confusion, please notify your Talent Scouts that the reward shop will be disabled. You can enable the shop at any time.


I disabled the reward shop. Do my Talent Scouts still earn coins?

As long as "Coin Accumulation" is still enabled, your Talent Scouts will be able to collect coins for activities. However, they will not be able to redeem rewards using the collected coins as the reward shop is not visible to them.


Can I start collecting coins before activating the reward shop?

Yes, you can activate this function in advance. As long as the shop is disabled, the Talent Scouts collect coins but will only see them as soon as the shop is activated.


How are my Talent Scouts informed about receiving the rewards?

As soon as a Talent Scout redeems a reward in the reward shop, they will receive confirmation (about the purchase) via email.

However, this confirmation does not describe how the Talent Scout receives their reward. Please add the distribution information of redeemed rewards to your reward policy.

When creating a reward, you have to add a contact email. The recipient should be responsible for the distribution of the redeemed reward. 


What do I have to bear in mind before activating the reward shop?

Update the Privacy Policy

Please find the updated template for your Privacy Policy (v1.7), including the new paragraphs for the reward shop, here.


Adjust the Terms of Use

Please consider what the rules for your Employee Referral reward shop will look like, while keeping the following points in mind:

  • Should your users be entitled to the rewards provided?
  • Will the coins lapse if they are not redeemed?
  • What happens with the coins if a user deletes their account or leaves the company and hasn't cashed in (all) their coins yet?

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your Onboarding or Engagement Manager.


Inform users about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use changes

Please inform your users about the changes (internal email) prior to the activation of the reward shop.

Additionally, let them know if they do not agree with the Employee Referral reward shop, they may withdraw their consent by deleting their user accounts or by sending an email to an email address provided in your privacy policy and asking for deletion.



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