Talent Scout Video Collection

Welcome to our Talent Scout Video Collection!

To help you make the most out of your experience and navigate our platform seamlessly, we've curated a collection of instructional videos just for you.

Here's a handy list of videos along with their respective links:

  1. How to navigate through your Homescreen
  2. How to download and register using the mobile application
  3. How to register for Radancy's Employee Referrals using a link
  4. How to login on a desktop
  5. How to login using the mobile application
  6. How to Share Jobs via Direct Referral
  7. How to Check the Status of Your Referrals
  8. How to See the Recruiter Feedback for a Referred Candidate
  9. How to find your Rewards
  10. How to Find the Reward Policy and the Point Scheme
  11. How to customize your profile
  12. How to reset your password
  13. How to change your password
  14. How to change your E-Mail address
  15. How to customize your notifications
  16. What Is the Incognito Mode and How to Set It Up and Activate It
  17. How and Where to View Open Jobs and Filter Them
  18. What Is the Leaderboard and How to Find It
  19. How to Share Jobs on Social Networks
  20. How to Find Featured Jobs
  21. How to Give Feedback on a Referred Candidate
  22. How to Use the Reward Shop
  23. How to Delete Your Account
  24. How to Share More Than a Job
  25. The difference between Coins and Points and How to find them

Each video is designed to provide you with clear instructions on various aspects of our platform. Whether you're just getting started or looking to optimize your experience, these resources are here to support you every step of the way.

Enjoy exploring all the informative Talent Scout videos!

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