How to restrict Recruiter’s permissions?

Suppose recruiters should be able to view only the referrals connected to the jobs they are responsible for and approve/decline rewards exclusively for their hired candidates. In that case, you can enable the Job-Centric Recruiter Permissions feature. 

When this setting is active, recruiters will be able to see only the referrals for those jobs where they are the contact person and approve/decline rewards for the hired candidates of those specific jobs. 

Moreover, a recruiter will be able to only edit the jobs where they are the contact person and it won’t be possible to change the contact person of a specific job. 

If the setting is deactivated, a recruiter can edit all jobs, hire or close any referral, as well as they can approve or reject any reward. 

You can customize this setting in the Account Preferences > General > Recruiter Preferences. The feature is disabled by default, but any Admin can activate it.  


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