How to create a manual Referral?

In case a referral happened outside of Radancy Employee Referrals and the candidate was hired, it is still possible to add it manually to trigger the reward process.

Please note: Only admins can upload a referral manually.


To add a manual referral, go to Referrals and click on the "Create Referral" button.

A pop-up window appears and the following details need to be added:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Referring Talent Scout (select responsible Talent Scout from drop-down)
  • Assigned job (select published/hidden/archived job from drop-down)
  • Starting date


Once all those details have been populated, the reward assigned to the job you selected is displayed. 

After clicking on "Add Referral as hired", the candidate is displayed under the tab "Hired" with the tag "Created Manually" and the Talent Scouts receive the points for the hire and the email confirmation. 

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