Why is an application in Employee Referrals not exported to my ATS?

Please check that the job hasn't been created manually or that the reference number hasn't been changed manually: in those cases, the application can't be exported as the job in Employee Referrals is not linked to the job in your ATS.

Why aren't pending referrals exported to my ATS?
Just "in progress" candidates are meant to be exported to your ATS. "Accepted Referrals" are not yet completed applications, hence they are not exported (see the difference here). 
If the candidate is completing the second step of application in the ATS, will he receive the thank you email from Employee Referrals?
No, if the second step of the application is completed in the ATS, the candidate won't receive any communication from Employee Referrals.
Can a candidate be moved to another job?

No, this feature is not supported by Employee Referrals. In this case, we recommend restarting the referral process for the respective candidate to ensure the assignability regarding points allocation and reward payout.

If a referral is hired, will the other referral for the same job be automatically closed?
No, hiring a candidate for a job does not mean the other candidates are to be rejected.
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