Can a candidate be referred to multiple jobs?

Yes, you can refer a candidate for multiple jobs. In case you think a candidate is suitable for more than one position, you need to submit the referral multiple times and the candidate needs to apply for multiple jobs.

Is it possible that two Talent Scouts are referring the same candidate for the same job?
No, once a candidate has completed the first step in the application process, they cannot be referred again for the same job as long as their application is in progress.
What happens if a candidate is referred more than once to a single job?
A candidate cannot be referred again for the same job, as long as their application is in progress.
What's the difference between accepted and pending Referrals?

A pending Referral is a referral that is yet to be accepted by the candidate, while an accepted Referral is an uncompleted Referral. Read more about the Referral statuses here.

Why does my referral end up in the "Pending" tab?
If your Referral is marked as Pending, it means that the candidate has not yet accepted the invitation and started the application process. Read more about statuses here
What's the difference between an accepted Referral and an application?
An accepted Referral hasn't yet resulted in an application. Once the second step of the application is completed and the status of the referral is "In progress", the application is completed. 
Is the Talent Scout feedback shared with the candidate?

No, the Talent Scout feedback will just be visible to your HR team and will not shared with the candidates. 

Can I apply myself for a job?
Internal Application is an optional feature, its use depends on your Admin's choice. Read more about it here.
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