A referral of mine has been hired. How do I know when the reward will be due?

The due date of the Reward is stated in the overview of your Pending Rewards (My Rewards > Pending). For more information check here.

Could it be that I might not receive a reward for a hired referral?
Yes, this is possible. Each company can define the rules for reward eligibility in their Reward Policy.
Why can't I see the Reward Shop?
The Reward Shop is an optional feature, its use depends on your Admin's choice. Read more about it here.
Where can I find an overview of all redeemed rewards?

All redeemed rewards are stored under My Rewards > Reward Shop and include details such as purchase date, contact email, and the number of coins used to redeem this reward.

I can‘t redeem a reward even though I have enough coins in my account. Why?
Some rewards can only be redeemed if you reach a certain level. These rewards will be visible to you in the Reward Shop but are not redeemable until you reach the level required (a lock and what level you need will be displayed).
I redeemed an item in the Reward Shop and did not receive it yet. What can I do?
In case you haven't yet received your Reward Item, please contact your HR department or the responsible person mentioned in your Reward Policy
A Reward I would like to redeem is "out of stock". Who should I contact?

In case your desired Reward Item is out of stock, please contact your HR department.

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