User Settings

Is it possible to customize emails and notifications?

No, the text of the emails and notification is standard and apply to all our customers. Customization is not possible.

How to disable notifications?
You can always edit your notification preferences directly in your account, see how here.
How can I reset my password?
Find more information on the topic here.
Why are emails ending up in Spam?

If emails are landing in your SPAM inbox, please mark the email as "not SPAM" and inform your IT department to check if they have whitelisted our IP address. Read more here.

What else is MFA used for - once activated - in addition to the login?
If you would like to change your password and your MFA is activated, the password change will also require entering a number code (generated by your authenticator app).
What can I do if my smartphone gets lost/stolen with MFA being activated?
If you are no longer in possession of the smartphone you used to authenticate (for example due to theft, loss, or purchase), please contact your HR department. An admin can disable MFA for you. You are then able to log in with your email and password and can activate again MFA from your account.
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