Account setup

Why can't I delete a location?

In order to successfully delete a location, there should not be any job or Talent Scout connected to that location.

Why can't I delete a department?
In order to successfully delete a department, there should not be any job or Talent Scout connected to that department.
Why can't I paste the Privacy Policy into my account?
While copying texts from Microsoft Word to Employee Referrals, formatting problems may occur. In order to avoid them, please "paste" the copied text into an Editor first and then "copy" and "paste" the text from the Editor to Employee Referrals. This way "hidden" formatting will be removed and will not interfere with editing.
Why can't I invite users?

When SSO is enforced and required to access Employee Referrals, the function to invite Talent Scout is disabled. Please forward the Login Page to the user you want to invite.

Is it possible to limit the access to Employee Referrals?
Restricting registration per email domain: you can restrict access to the tool by allowing specific email domains only to register (e.g. only users with a Radancy email domain are allowed to register so the domain is the only one allowed). Restricting by enforcing Single Sign-On: you can allow employees to log in only by using SSO - read more about enforcing SSO here.
Is it possible to map the user and role via SSO?
Yes, with Just-In-Time provisioning by adding the attribute "Role" to the configuration. For more information see here
Can I disable MFA for a single user?

If a Talent Scout is no longer in the possession of a smartphone (for example due to theft, loss or purchase) and so not able to authenticate, Admins can disable MFA for this specific user. The user is then able to log in with email and password and can activate MFA from their account.

Can I customize the color in the account?

Yes, you can customize the color of the buttons in your account in the Account Preferences. See more here


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