What's the difference between hire rewards and the rewards in the shop?

The hire rewards are connected to a successful hire, while the rewards in the reward shop can be redeemed by using the coins, which can be gathered both with successful hires (if the reward plan includes coins) and with activities (one point = one coin). Read more about the Reward shop and coins in this article.

Are rewards available in different currencies?
Only one currency can be selected in a reward plan. In the case of several currencies, please create different reward plans.
Can we modify a reward based on the referral source? (whether it is a true direct referral or one that came through social media, etc.)
No, the reward plan is connected to the job and there is no possibility to adapt it based on the source. If the reward should not be the same you can use a generic value as a reward plan and specify the rules to earn a reward in your Reward Policy.
How do I exclude certain users who are not eligible for rewards?

There are two opportunities to decline a reward for a successful hire, read more about them here.

Can we define automatic rules to decline rewards?
No, this feature is not supported by Employee Referrals.
Is it possible to have an integration with an external reward shop provider?
Yes, it is possible to integrate with an external reward shop provider via webhooks. The customer will set up those in the Employee Referrals account. For more information about webhooks, see here.
Is it possible to manually add or delete coins?

No, coins cannot be added or deleted by Admins, but just accumulated by the Talent Scout with the different activities and gained as a reward for a successful hire. Please take a look at how to earn coins here.

Can we define reward items' visibility in the Reward Shop per location/department?
No, all the Reward Shop Items will be visible for all Talent Scouts. You can add to the Reward Item name the information about the country's availability. See how to add a Reward Shop Item here.
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