How to create a Reward Plan with coins?

When creating a Reward Plan, you can choose to pay it out with coins. Coins are accumulated by Talent Scouts and spent in the Reward Shop (see more here). 

In order to pay out rewards with coins, you need to activate the "Coin Availability for Reward Plans" in Account Preferences > Reward Shop > Settings. 

When creating a new Reward Plan, the option "+ Add coins" will appear in the Reward Details. Enter the number of coins that should be paid out and the Date of Payment. 

You can activate the Auto-approval function if the reward should be automatically approved, without the eligibility check done by the Recruiter responsible for the job (read more about it here). 

Click "Save changes" to confirm your setup. 

Once the Coin Reward has been approved, the selected amount of coins is available to the Talent Scout to be spent in the Reward Shop. 


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