Reward Notification Integration

By installing our Reward Notification Integration, all approved rewards (both manually and automatically) will be forwarded to a specific email address.

Once a reward is approved, the designated email address will receive the following info: 

  • Reward name 
  • Talent Scout = Employee's name, email address, location & department
  • Due date
  • Name of the referral hired
  • Approved by: name of the Recruiter

You can activate this setting directly in your account, with Admin rights, by clicking on your name > Account Preferences > Integrations > Services. Click on "Install" in the Reward Notification box. In the new pop-up window enter the recipient of the email notification and select the preferred language. 

Please note: only one email address can be selected. 

You have the possibility to select which rewards should be sent: 

  • If you want to receive notifications about all kinds of rewards tick the box next to "Receive all reward notifications"
  • If you want to receive just specific rewards, tick the box next to "Adjust reward notification settings":
    • filter them by minimum internal value (notification will be sent if the internal value is greater than or equal to the number added - please note: the amount you enter here is not linked to any currency and it is valid for all currencies)
    • exclude rewards that are coins-based.
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