What are Hidden Jobs?

Hidden Jobs are job postings that have either expired (reached their end date) or have been manually deactivated by selecting the "Hide" option from the menu accessed through the three dots next to the "Share" or "Refer" buttons.

When a job is hidden, it is no longer visible to Talent Scouts or applicants. However, Admins or Recruiters still have access to hidden jobs and can view and edit them as needed. Hidden jobs can be re-published by selecting "Edit and Republish." This allows you to make changes to the job details and bring it back to a published status, while keeping the same job id. Alternatively, you can create a duplicate of a hidden job using the "Clone" option (generating a separate job and job id).

If there are ongoing referrals when a job is moved to hidden, the "In progress", candidates will be notified via email.  For "Accepted Referrals" (see the difference between Accepted Referral and Application), candidates cannot proceed with the second step of the application process, and Talent Scouts will no longer be able to provide feedback to applicants who have applied for that particular job.

If you wish to archive a hidden job, you can do so by selecting the three dots next to the "Clone" and "Edit and Republish" buttons. Archiving a hidden job helps keep your job list organized by moving completed or no longer relevant jobs to a separate category.

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