How to activate Recruiter notifications?

In addition to Talent Scout notifications (see here for more information), as a Recruiter or Admin, you can activate additional email notifications by clicking on your Name > My Settings > Notifications.

You can decide which email notifications you would like to receive:

  • Update me about new referrals: We will notify you when you receive a new referral so you can give your Talent Scouts feedback as soon as possible.
  • Inform me when a Talent Scout has given feedback: We will notify you when a Talent Scout provides feedback on one of your referrals.
  • Remind me about referrals I haven't updated for a while: We will send you a reminder about referrals that should be updated soon.
  • Remind me about due rewards: We will send you a reminder when you have rewards due.
  • Remind me about expiring jobs: We will send you a reminder about jobs that are due to expire in a few days.
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