How to activate the Reward Shop?

To activate the Reward Shop for your account, click on your Name > Account Preferences > Reward Shop > Settings.

Please check the checkbox next to Reward Shop Display in order to make the Reward Shop visible to your Talent Scouts. If you activate this option, ensure that you have added at least one Reward Item to the shop. Learn how to do so by checking the instructions here.


Coins serve as the currency to redeem items from the Reward Shop. As explained in this article (see here), there are two ways Talent Scouts can earn coins: 

  • By earning points through referral activities (see more here). Each point is equivalent to one coin. To better understand the difference between points and coins, refer to this article.
  • When the reward plan for a hired referral includes a coin-based reward.

If you wish to limit the methods by which Talent Scouts can earn coins, you can adjust the settings by clicking on your Name > Account Preferences > Reward Shop > Settings and unchecking one of the following options:

  • Coin Accumulation
    This will allow your Talent Scouts to receive coins for their activities.
  • Coin Availability for Reward Plans
    Allow coins to be given as rewards in reward plans.


If none of the options above is active, Talent Scouts will not be able to earn new coins, but in case they own some, they will still be able to redeem an item in the Reward Shop.

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