What are Advanced Reports?

Advanced Reports are downloadable reports that help you monitor your Employee Referrals account. These reports are only available to designated Admins, and their accessibility is granted by Radancy's support team upon written request.

If activated, you can find them in the left menu bar under Statistics > Advanced.

The following reports are available: 

  • Recruiting Reports
    • Job Activity Report: list of jobs, status, publication & closing dates and views per network
    • Job Applications: list of applications incl. job ID & title, status, candidate info, network, referrer’s info
  • Rewarding Reports
    • Company Reward Report: list of hiring rewards triggered incl. job, recruiter’s info, Talent Scout’s info, application ID and applicant name, reward name, value, hire date, due date and status
    • Purchase Report: list of items purchased in the reward shop incl. Talent Scout’s info, reward name, coins needed and purchase date
    • Coins Balance Report: list of Talent Scouts and their coins added, removed and spent
  • User Reports 
    • the User Activity Report includes all users, their department, location and role, registration date and aggregated activity (shares, views, applications, hires, gained points)
  • Challenge reports
    • The challenge report contains different tables measuring the counts of job views, shares, referrals, applications, hires and points. In each table, there are the first and last name of Talent Scout, Employee ID (if present), role, location and department, company account and count. 
    • Challenge reports are a great help to run competitions to foster adoption and engagement.

Please note: the reports are updated overnight. 

You can export the reports as either an Excel or a CSV file.

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