How to read the Statistics?

On the Statistics dashboard, you find a detailed overview of all activities in your Employee Referrals account. This function is only visible to Admins and Recruiters by clicking on Statistics in the left menu bar. 

Statistics are divided into two sections: 

  • Performance Overview
  • Company Overview 


Performance Overview

Those statistics can be filtered based on department, location, and date range using the options on the right menu bar.

The Overall Statistics show: 

Please note: the deletion of candidate data does not impact the count for above metrics.

For all the metrics above, the department and location added when publishing the job in the first place are those which will be stored and displayed in the statistics. 

In the pie chart you will find the distribution of job views per network (including percentage).


Company Overview

The company overview is divided into different sections: 

  • Jobs: 
    • Published: number of currently published jobs
    • Hidden: number of currently hidden jobs
    • Archived: number of currently archived jobs
  • Rated Referrals: Recruiting Rating scores of applications currently in the system. Ratings will be removed from this overview as soon as a candidate is deleted.
    Please note: not all companies use this feature
  • Talent Scouts: this chart displays the amount of Talent Scouts invited (just those whose email address has been added manually) versus registered ones.
  • Top department: Distribution of Talent Scouts across departments (changes of the department are reflected in the counting)
  • Top location: Distribution of Talent Scouts across locations (changes of location are reflected in the counting)





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