How to configure User Provisioning via SFTP server?

In case you would like to activate User Provisioning, please inform your point of contact at Radancy. 

The CSV file can be stored in Radancy's SFTP server or in your company's one. Below you can see the requirements for the file structure: 



File Format: .csv

Separator: comma

Columns: first_name, last_name, email_address, personnel_number, location(optional), department(optional)

Authentication: SSH Public Key Authentication

Update Schedule: Hourly


You can access the SFTP from Radancy at sftp -i <path-to-private-key> <user> entering your passphrase of private key.

Please remember the file needs to be always the same, just updated with the new users. 

The steps are the following: 

  1. Create an SSH Key Pair and send us the public key that you are planning to use for authentication.
  2. Send us a preferred user name for the server for us to attach the public key to that user, and a folder name (preferably your company name).
  3. After our confirmation, we will hourly check for new updates/files.
  4. You send us a dump of all user profiles according to the defined format (see above).
  5. If we determine any changes in a user profile we will automatically update the profile in Employee Referrals as well.
  6. If the user is no longer present in the file for a day, we will deactivate the user in Employee Referrals and delete the user after a week.
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