How to configure User Provisioning via API?

Employee Referrals provides an API that allows third-party providers to automate the pre-provisioning of user profiles.

Before registering with Employee Referrals, the following information about a user is added additionally via the API:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Employee ID
  • Location (only if the values match the settings in Employee Referrals)
  • Department (only if the values match the settings in Employee Referrals)

This information does not have to be provided, and if any information is missing, the Talent Scout must add it manually during the registration process.

The pre-provisioned information is pre-filled during the registration process for new users and updated in the personal profiles of already registered users.

Selecting the user role via User Provisioning is not possible. Users will be pre-provisioned by default with the user role "Talent Scout". The admin user can adjust the role of any user in user management.

Disclaimer: Pre-provisioned profiles are only listed in the user list once users have registered themselves in Employee Referrals.

Radancy's Employee Referrals API also provides an endpoint that allows the automated de-provisioning (deactivation and deletion) of user profiles. 

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