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Create and publish a job

Where to find it: Menu Bar - Jobs - "+"

In your menu bar on the left side, you will find the function "Jobs". Click on "Jobs", and a drop-down menu will open up. This drop-down menu will show three options: "Active", "Draft" and "Archive". Click on "Active" and then on the button "Create a job".

Click on the "+" next to "Active" and you will be directly forwarded to the entry form.


Job title: Free text box.

Job reference number: Free text box.

Department: Choose an option via the drop-down menu from your created "Departments".

Location: Choose an option via the drop down-menu from your created "Location".

Contact person: Choose the responsible recruiter. The name of the recruiter will be visible to the candidate.

Reward: Choose an option via the drop-down menu from your created "Rewards".

Branding: Choose between the different "Brandings" that have been created by an administrator (share logo, short company description and job header) to give your job a nice look. 

End date: Choose whether your job will end with an "End date" or if it should be online until you remove it (click "Set unlimited job duration").

Jobs with unlimited duration:If there is no specific end date or deadline for this job, activate the checkbox next to "Set unlimited job duration".

Make the job a hot job: If you are having problems finding the right candidate, you can mark your job as a "Hot job". "Hob jobs" remain on the top of your "Active" job list and are highlighted by an orange bar on the left side.

Hiring team: In the event that multiple recruiters should be responsible for this job and its applications, you can add a "hiring team". 

Text box "Enter description here...": Your detailed job description can be added as text via "Copy" (Strg + C) and "Paste" (Strg + V) or attachment here. Format changes can be easily made via the format bar. Via the button "Upload" you can upload a job ad (pdf, jpg, png or bmp).

Further formatting tips are mentioned in the articles

If you are ready, click on the button "Publish" and your job will be live and online.


Please note!

As soon as you click "Publish", your Talent Scouts within the same location or department will be informed via email about the new job. If you publish a "Hot Job", ALL your Talent Scouts will be informed about the new job. Exceptions are Talent Scouts who have deactivated the notification.



Job editing

If you want to edit an existing job, click "Edit". You can now edit the job details (see above).

To prevent customers with integration from making undesired changes to the job advertisement text, a further editing step has been introduced. You can now edit the job details (e.g. location or bonus, etc.) and the job advertisement text in separate fields. 

To edit the job advertisement text, click "Edit" (top right of the "Description" field).

A warning message will then appear, informing you that the layout formatting might be subject to undesired changes during editing. By clicking on “Continue Editing”, you will resume editing the job description. 

The other job details (e.g. location or reward) can be edited without this further step and won't undergo layout changes.

When you're done editing, click on "Save" to save your changes.


Note for text formatting


Formatting problems may occur when copying/pasting from some text editors, such as Microsoft Word. In order to avoid these problems, please "paste" the copied text into a simple text editor first, such as Notepad, and then "copy" and "paste" it from the simple text editor to Employee Referrals.

If you copy text from a source like Word, an ATS or PDF, you automatically copy invisible formatting, which can cause formatting problems.

As soon as you "paste" the text into a simple text editor, all hidden formatting is deleted. You can then copy/paste from the simple text editor into Employee Referrals and easily edit the rest of the job. 


Add links to the job text

If you would like to enter a link, select the word or area and then click the "Link" symbol on the format bar to enter the link. As soon as this has been done, confirm your changes by clicking the "Save" button.


Add a video to the job

To enter a video, place your cursor in the position in your job ad where you would like it and click the "Video" symbol on the format bar. Please make sure that the video is online and available to your candidates. Enter the link of your selected video and confirm your changes by clicking "Save".


Please note!

Only videos on Vimeo and YouTube are allowed.



Active jobs

Where to find it: Menu Bar - Jobs - Active

All active jobs are visible for Talent Scouts and are saved under "Active Jobs".

A "Hot Job" is a job that is placed at the top of the list of active jobs.

You can filter jobs by "Contact Person", "Location" and "Department".

For some jobs, "Following" (top right of the job card) is displayed. This informs you that you chose to follow jobs in either the location or department of this job in your "Notifications".




Where to find it:Menu Bar - Jobs - Draft

If a new job is not ready to be published, click on the function "Save to drafts". Your job will be filed under "Draft", where it's safely stored and will wait for a later release.



Hidden Jobs

Where to find it: Menu Bar - Jobs - Active - Hidden

Expired jobs are filed as "Active" under "Hidden". Talent Scouts and applicants are not able to see hidden jobs. You, as an administrator or recruiter, can see and edit hidden jobs. Furthermore, you can also hide jobs manually by clicking the button "Hide" which appears when you hover over the job you wish to hide, or in your job view directly.



Hidden Jobs With "Accepted Referrals"

Jobs are filed as "Hidden" for two reasons:

  1. The checkbox "Set unlimited job duration" was set and the job was hidden manually by clicking on the button "Hidden".
  2. An "End date" was set, reached and the job was automatically filed under "Hidden".


When a job is hidden, Talent Scouts and applicants are not able to access the job.


Applicants that have the status of "Accepted Referrals" and have been referred for a job that has been hidden are greyed out, and they are not able to proceed with the second step of the application process.


The automatic deletion of these applications is dependent on the days specified under "Delete closed referrals after". For further details, please read our Help Center article "Automatic deletion of candidate data" (admins only).

For an earlier deletion of the data you can reduce the number of days in your settings. Please keep in mind that this change will influence all other applications filed under "Accepted Referrals" as well. Therefore, we recommend to keep the number of days to at least 30.

As soon as a job is hidden, Talent Scouts are not able to give feedback to applicants who have applied for this job.


Communication to Affected Applicants


All applicants that are filed under "Accepted Referrals" when a job moves into the status of "Hidden" will be informed via email about the change. The text of this email is not customizable.




Where to find it: Menu Bar - Jobs - Archived

You can only archive jobs filed under "Hidden" (Jobs - Active - Hidden). If you would like to archive a job, click on the function "Archive". Archived jobs are filed under "Archived" and can be published again by clicking "Duplicate", updating the job, and clicking on the button "publish".




Where to find it:Menu Bar - Jobs - Active/Archived

You can duplicate active, hidden and archived jobs using "Clone". It saves time and effort.




Are job shares counted?

Job shares are not rewarded with points because they can encourage spam. We track and reward job views with points. 

You can find the overview of all job views, as an administrator, in your Employee Referrals accounts

Please read more for further details about "views" in our Help Center article "What's a "job view" and why points are not given equally?".