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Reward management

Where to find it: Menu Bar - My Rewards

Under the menu "My Rewards", you’ll find a detailed overview of all your pending and completed rewards.

If your company has activated the reward shop, an extra tab "Reward Shop" will be visible. Please take a look at the article "Reward Shop" for further details.


Pending rewards


As soon as your referral has been hired successfully, all rewards due in accordance with the reward plan will be listed under "My Rewards" and/or "Pending".
You will be informed via email whether the recruiter responsible approves or declines your reward.

A reward that is due soon is always listed top left of the "Pending" list.

If you see a reward top left of this list that is past its due date, it might be that the recruiter forgot to approve this reward.

To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you get in touch with the recruiter (= contact person) responsible.


How can rewards be declined?


A reward plan can contain more than one reward (500€ with a candidate is hired, and 500€ 3 months after employment for example). In the event that your hired referral left the company within the 1st month, the 2nd reward (500€ 3 months after employment) will be declined by the recruiter responsible.

In the event of a declined reward, we recommend that you get in touch with the recruiter (= contact person) responsible to avoid misunderstandings.


Completed rewards


"Approved" or "Declined" rewards are listed under "My Rewards" and "Completed".


You will receive an email for each approved or declined reward. Please check your SPAM folder as well to make sure you don't miss any reward emails.

If you can’t find an email for one of your declined rewards, please get in touch with the recruiter (= contact person) responsible to ask why the reward was declined.

Furthermore, please be so kind as to inform our support about the missing email to make sure you won’t miss any reward-related emails in the future.



Reward policy

Where to find it: Click on Company Name - Reward Policy

Your company administrator defines the reward policy. This policy contains the conditions of the reward payments for the Talent Scouts.

You can find the reward policy under the menu item "Reward Policy".

If you have any questions regarding the reward policy, please get in touch with your HR department.



Points for activities

Where to find it: Dashboard

In Employee Referrals you can collect points for different activities.

Activity Point/s
1 job view 1
10 job views 10
100 job views 80
500 job views 220
1000 job views  290
>8000 job views 500
Generate application through a share 25
Refer a candidate for a job 25
Provide feedback to an application (positive, negative, neutral) 25
Referral is rated 3 stars 75
Referral is rated 2 stars 50
Referral is hired 100


Please note!

Points for each "unique" job view are not given equally (except at the beginning). The scoring system for views is based on "diminishing returns". You will find a more detailed explanation in the next article.


A detailed overview of all your achievements is listed at the star (on top, next to the little bell).

For a detailed overview of your achievements, take a closer look at your "Dashboard". Your current score is visible at "Your Statistics" and your level will be visible on the top right-hand side of your dashboard.


What's a "job view" and why points are not given equally?

Once you've shared a job via a social network or email, it is visible for applicants. As soon as a candidate clicks (for the first time = "unique") on your shared job this is counted as a job view. Further clicks of the candidate on the same job are not counted.

The scoring system for points for job views is called "deminishing returns". In short this means: Points for each "unique" job view are not given equally (except at the beginning). See the list from above:


Activity Point/s
1 job view 1
10 job views 10
100 job views 80
500 job views 220
1000 job views  290
>8000 job views 500


The weekly points you can collect via job views are capped at 500 points.

The points for "job views" are counted per week, which always starts on Wednesday and ends on the following Tuesday.

You will be able to see the number of job views you have generated live under "Your Statistics" on your "Dashboard".


My personal weekly "Activity Digest"

You will receive your personal "Activity Digest" which gives you a detailed overview of:

  • the number of jobs you’ve shared (blue),
  • and job views (orange),
  • in total and for each weekday (period: last 7 days, Wednesday - Tuesday).


Points (green) are given according to the total amount of job views.




Here you will find a detailed overview about all levels on Employee Referrals.


You can see which level you are currently in under the "bar" on your "Dashboard".




Where to find it: Menu Bar - Leaderboard

Thanks to the leaderboard, you can easily find out which Talent Scout has been the most active! You can view a list of the Talent Scouts and their total points, as well as filter for the most active Talent Scout by location or department.

Your ranking is highlighted and all users have access to the leaderboard.


Leaderboard is not visible


If the "Leaderboard" is not visible on the menu bar, you administrator has disabled the function for the entire Employee Referrals company account.

If you have any further questions, please contact your HR department.





Could it be that I might not receive a reward for a hired referral?

Each company decides when and if a reward will be paid. Employee Referrals has no influence on this process. You can find further details about the rewards under the "reward policy" in your Employee Referrals account.

For any questions in relation to non-payment, please contact your HR department or responsible recruiter.


A referral of mine has been hired. How do I know when the reward will be due?

Communication: As soon as a referral of yours is hired, you will be informed via the following different channels:

  • Email (if it's not in your inbox please check your SPAM folder as well.)
  • In-app notification (little bell top right, next to your name)
  • Points (little star next to the little bell)

Status update: As soon as a referral is hired, the status will change under "My Referrals" from "In Progress" to "Hired". On the referral card you can see further details about your reward too (according to the reward policy). The responsible recruiter for the job has to approve the reward first.

Reward status: Go to "My Rewards" to see the status of your reward. If it is in "Pending" the recruiter didn't approve the reward yet. When the reward has been approved, the status of the reward will change to "Completed". In case your reward was approved and you still didn't receive it, please get in touch with the responsible recruiter (= contact person).

Reward policy: A total overview of when rewards are due is given in the

"reward policy".


When and how do I get notified about a due reward?

All rewards have to be approved by the responsible recruiter (= contact person). Unapproved rewards are displayed in "My Rewards" under "Pending".

As soon as the reward has been approved, the status will change to "Completed".


I wasn't informed about a due reward.

Please take a look at both questions to learn when the reward notification will be triggered.

Additionally, check your SPAM file for the notification email. If can't find the email notification, please contact our support.