Active jobs

Where to find it:Menu Bar - Jobs

All active jobs are visible under "Active Jobs". A "Hot Job" is always placed at the top of the list of active jobs. You can filter jobs for "Contact Person", "Location" and "Department".

For some jobs, "Following" is displayed. This informs you that either the location or department of the job corresponds with your location or department selected under "My Settings" - "Notifications".



Hot job

Where to find it: Menu Bar - Jobs

Important or urgent jobs can be marked as "Hot Job". All Talent Scouts will be notified, regardless of their location and department, and it will be displayed at the top of the job list. You will receive an email notification about this job, even if you have deactivated the email notifications for new jobs.

We always highly recommend our customers use this function carefully.



Hidden jobs with "Accepted Referrals"

Jobs are filed as "Hidden" for two reasons (not visible for Talent Scouts):

  1. The checkbox "Set unlimited job duration" was set and the job was hidden manually by clicking on the button "Hidden".
  2. An "End date" was set, reached and the job was automatically filed under "Hidden".


When a job is hidden, Talent Scouts and applicants are not able to access the job.


Applicants that have the status of "Pending" and have been referred for a job that has been hidden are greyed out, and they are not able to proceed with the second step of the application process.

As soon as a job is hidden, you are not able to give feedback to applicants who have applied for this job.


Communication to affected applicants

All applicants that are filed under "Pending" when a job moves into the status of "Hidden" will be informed via email about the change.


I would like to apply for a job myself

Where to find it: Menu Bar - Jobs - Click on a Job - At the Bottom

Are you interested in applying for a published job? No problem! We have a separate function where Talent Scouts can apply for a job.

Click on the title of the published job you wish to apply for and scroll down. At the very bottom, you will see the function "I would like to apply myself". Click on that and a new window will pop up where you can start the application process. 

Take a look at our Help Center article "Referral Process" to learn more about the two-step process.


Please note!

If "I would like to apply myself" is unavailable, the function has been deactivated by an admin. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your internal Employee Referrals project team.



Who does gain points if I apply for a job myself?


If you apply for a job yourself, the recruiter responsible for the job will be appointed as the Talent Scout. The recruiter - Talent Scout - will receive points for your internal application if you get hired. However, since recruiters are usually not eligible for rewards, the points awarded will have no effect.



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