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Email notifications


Where to find it: Click on your name (top right) - My Settings - Notifications. 

If you would like to receive email notifications about new jobs available in more locations and/or departments, hot jobs or referrals and rewards, go to "My Settings" and click on "Notifications".

For further details about the communication in Employee Referrals, take a look at the article "Communication in Employee Referrals".



Published jobs

o select multiple locations and/ or departments you would like to be notified on, click on the section "Add more...". A drop-down menu containing a list of locations and departments created by the administrator will pop up: select the locations and/or departments you want to receive notifications for.

The location and department you have chosen during your registration will be entered automatically.



Notification schedule

Here you can determine how often you would like to receive email notifications about new jobs in your chosen locations and departments.

You can choose between:

  • Hourly;
  • Daily (at 10am);
  • Weekly (on Monday).

The weekly schedule is set per default.



Hot jobs

Hot jobs are the most sought-after positions in your company. We will notify you as soon as a Hot job has been published.

They will appear in an orange bar in your job feed.



Referrals and rewards

You will receive an email notification when the status of your referrals changes or when you earn a reward.


Please note!

When deactivating this notification, you won't be notified about any updates of your referrals and rewards. 



Push notifications

You will receive notifications on the status of new jobs and your referrals directly on your smartphone.



Disable all notifications

To disable notifications about published jobs in a specific location and/or department, click on the "x" next to the location or department you would like to delete.

If you want to disable email notifications for all published jobs, delete all locations and departments.

Additionally, make sure all checkboxes below are untickled.