How to edit the Registration page?

You can customize your company's registration page by clicking on your Name > Account Preferences >  Company Branding > Registration Page. 

The registration page is where your Talent Scouts can register and log in, hence it is important you adapt it according to your company guidelines and corporate identity.


Background image

Your background image will appear on both the registration and login pages. Your image must be a minimum size of 2048 x 1365 px to display the full image without any cropping. 

Different screen sizes on desktop view influence how much of your uploaded background image will be visible for your Talent Scout. Therefore we recommend not using pictures with people or text.


Text customization

On the registration page, there is a heading and text that you can customize. This can be a call-to-action text or a welcome message. Don't forget to translate it into other languages if you need to. 

e.g. Heading: “Become a [Company.Name] Talent Scout!” where [Company.Name] is replaced with the name of your company (e.g. at Radancy, this would read Become a Radancy Talent Scout!").

Welcome text: “Your chance is here! Become a headhunter for [Company.Name] and refer candidates from your personal network of friends, alumni or colleagues for jobs at your company. The best part is your referrals will be highly valued, and you may even be rewarded!”

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