How to edit the Job Advert Branding?

You can edit your Job Advert Brandings by clicking on your Name > Account Preferences >  Company Branding > Job Advert. 

You can make your jobs stand out on social networks by customizing them with your company logo and a short description of your employer brand.

You can create multiple brandings, which can be chosen at a job level. If no branding is selected, the default one is used. Brandings can be edited, cloned, and deleted. 

Please note: the default branding cannot be deleted or renamed. 


Customise colors

Add your own colors to personalize your company's Job Page. Once you save your changes, all users will see your chosen color theme.

  • Page Header Color (Hex Color Code)
  • Page Background Color (Hex Color Code)


Add a Header Image

Firstly, to make your job ads look attractive, upload a header image here. Keep in mind your image must be a minimum size of 1440 × 470 px.


Edit Personal Message

Add a text suggestion for when Talent Scouts share a job. You can also simply use the suggested text provided.

E.g “Hey there! I think you're a great candidate for an open position at my company and I would be happy to provide you with my personal referral.”


Add Social Media Branding

Compose a short description of your brand that will be displayed when jobs are shared.


Company description for social networks

This text will be displayed across different social networks (Facebook, Xing, X and Whatsapp). Max 155 characters


Add a default logo in job shares

Your logo must be a minimum size of 200 x 200 px, and will be displayed when sharing a job on Whatsapp.


Add a preferred image for job shares. Must be supported by Facebook, LinkedIn, X and Xing (optional)

Your image must be a minimum size of 600 x 314 px and should have an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 to display the full image without any cropping.

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