How to manage location and department values?

Add Locations and Departments

You can add your locations and departments in your Account Preferences > Settings > General > Location and Departments. Location and department are the key pillars of the structure of your Employee Referrals account, read more here

You should specify the full list of locations and departments of your company.

Please note, in the case of integration with your ATS:

  • the values need to be exactly the same as the ones in your ATS in order for the jobs to be published automatically (including in terms of capitalization and spacing);
  • the reference ID of a job includes location and department.


Locations and departments also play a key role when using SSO Just-in-time provisioning or pre-provisioning users. The field which has been mapped to the department for jobs needs to be the same as the one chosen for grouping users. The values need to be exactly the same as the ones in your IdP or CSV file (including in terms of capitalization and spacing).


Delete Locations and Departments

A location or department can only be deleted if it is not currently being used in any published or hidden jobs or by any active users. A notification will appear if you try to delete a value that is currently in use.

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