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How to create a Reward Items in the Reward Shop?

To create and manage your Reward Items in the Reward Shop, go to Account Preferences > Reward Shops > Items.

To add a new Reward Item, click on the "+ Create a Reward" button.

Now add:

  • Reward Description:
    • Select a language (You can add rewards in multiple languages. Your primary company language is the default language for your Reward Shop.)
    • Add a reward title
    • Add a reward description
  • Reward Details:
    • Coins needed: the number of coins needed to redeem this reward
    • Level needed: the minimum level needed to redeem this reward
    • Quantity: the number of available items. When the quantity is reached, the reward appears as "out of stock".
    • Internal value: This value is for internal use only; Talent Scouts won't see it at any stage.
    • Contact email: The person who will be notified when the reward is redeemed
    • Image: The minimum size is 750 x 400 px.