How to make a Direct Referral?

A direct referral is when a Talent Scout names the candidate they want to refer for a specific job and adds their email address. The candidate receives an email inviting them to complete their application via the provided unique link. The majority of hires through Employee Referrals are generated via Direct Referrals.

In order to refer a specific candidate,  click on the "Refer" button for the job ad you would like to make a referral for. If the "Refer" button does not appear in your account, the function has been deactivated by an Admin.

A new window will pop up, where you can fill in the person's first name, last name, and email address. Before clicking the "Send invite" button, confirm that you have received permission to use this person's data for the referral.

Please note: For data security reasons, we highly recommend that you make sure that you have full permission from this person. For more information see here

Your referral will only be visible to the recruiter after the candidate has started to apply, confirmed name, surname and email and given consent to the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Before that, the referral data is only visible to you in your Employee Referrals account under Pending Referrals.



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