How to adjust General Settings?

In order to adjust general settings, click on your Name > Settings > General. Below you can find a brief explanation of the different settings:

    • If desired, request the candidate to upload a document with their application (just if the application is completed in Employee Referrals. In case of application forwarding (the candidate is completing the application in your ATS), always disable the setting.
    • Employee Preferences:
      • If desired, it is possible to deactivate the direct referral (read more about direct referrals here). Once deactivated, the button "Refer" next to a job is not visible anymore.
      • If desired, allow Internal Applications - if this feature is enabled, the Talent Scouts can apply themselves for the open jobs (read more about it here)
      • If desired, request Employee ID: it will be mandatory for employees to enter their employee ID when registering. This information can be added and edited under "My Settings" by the users. 
        Please note: Users will not be asked for their employee ID if user provisioning is activated and the employee ID is pre-provisioned. In this case, the employee ID is already filled in.
    • If desired, you can hide the recruiter's contact details from the job posting page.
    • If desired, you can customize Recruiter Preferences (see more here).
    • If desired, you can limit the possibility of sharing multiple jobs (see more here). 
    • If desired, it is possible to individually select the available networks for job sharing by unticking the box next to the network and clicking on "Save Configuration". If all networks have been disabled, the button "Share" next to a job is not visible anymore.
    • Leaderboard preferences (read more about the leaderboard here):
      • Tailor the leaderboard to a specific timeframe and show the ranking based on the points gathered in the preferred interval. The options are the following:
        • All-time only
        • Monthly
        • Quarterly
        • Semi-annually
        • Yearly
      • If desired, it is possible to hide the Leaderboard from Talent Scouts and make it visible just for Admins by activating the checkbox next to "Hide the leaderboard."
      • If desired, it is possible to exclude Recruiters from the Leaderboard
      • If desired, it is possible to exclude Admins from the Leaderboard
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