Where to see My Rewards?

Under the My Rewards, you will find an overview of all rewards, divided into two categories:

  • Pending: rewards for which the "Date of Payment" hasn't been reached yet. The reward still needs final approval (eligibility check). Please note that if a reward has a "Date of Payment" in the past, your reward hasn't been approved yet by the responsible recruiter (contact person). 
  • Completed: rewards that have been approved or declined. The reward can be declined when the Date of Payment is reached, based on your eligibility. For more information consult your Reward Policy.
    In case your reward was approved and you still haven't received it, or your reward was declined, please get in touch with the responsible recruiter (= contact person).

If your Reward Shop is active, a third category is available: Reward Shop. In this section, you can find your Redeemed Rewards (read more about it here).

If you haven't deactivated your notification about rewards (read more about notifications here), you will receive an email for each approved or declined reward.

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