How to give feedback about your Referrals?

Based on your notification settings (see here), you will receive an email when a candidate you referred has applied or when someone has used the link you shared to apply, with a request for you to add your feedback.

You can add your feedback by clicking on "Feedback" below the referral name in the My Referrals page.

The following information can be added: 

  • Status: Here you can choose to support the candidate by selecting either "Referral" (to confirm you are referring this person), "Neutral" (if you do not know the person enough to assess if they would be qualified for this job), or "No Referral" (if you would not suggest hiring this candidate).
  • How do you know each other? Let your company know where you met, if you worked together at your last employer, or if you were colleagues on the same team for instance
  • Reason: To strengthen your referral for this candidate, you are asked to provide a reason for your referral (or your neutral feedback).


Once you have submitted your feedback, you can no longer modify it.

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