Where to see my referred candidates?

You can view your referred candidates by clicking on the "My Referrals" entry on the menu bar.

Referrals are divided into four categories:

  • Pending: The referral you have made is yet to be accepted by the candidate. You directly referred a candidate (learn more here), but this person has not yet started their application. At this stage, you are still able to withdraw your referral - if you do, all personal data for this referral will be deleted and they will be informed via email.
  • Accepted: The referral has been accepted (first step of the application was complete), but the candidate has only provided their first name, last name, and email, and has not yet completed their application (either in Employee Referrals or in your company application). A notification is sent out to accepted referrals inviting them to finish their application.
  • In progress: The referral has completed their application and you have the opportunity to add feedback (see here for more information ).
  • Completed: The referral has been hired or closed. For hired referrals, you are able to get more information about your reward's approval and due date. For closed referrals, you are able to get more information about the closing reason, if disclosed by your recruiting team. 
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