How to hire a Referral?

In case your Employee Referrals account has been integrated with your ATS system, the statuses might be synced automatically. Please check with your Referral Admin to understand if the status change to hired or closed will be done automatically. 

If the statuses aren't updated via the integration, you can easily mark a Referral as hired by clicking on the button "Hire" (menu > Referrals > In progress). 

A new window will appear:

  • Add the starting date for the hired candidate. This information is important for triggering the notification about the reward payout. It is possible to update the first day of work during the process.
  • If the Talent Scout is not eligible for a reward, you can tick the checkbox labeled "Don't pay a reward." (For more information, read this article)
  • If you want to include a personal message for the responsible Talent Scout, click on "Add a personal message." (This is optional and can be used to provide additional details or express gratitude)

By clicking on "Hire", you finalize the process and the Talent Scout will receive an automatic email informing them about the successful referral. 

Please note: The communication between you and your applicant is not part of Employee Referrals. By closing a referral the responsible talent Scout will be informed, but no email is sent to the candidate. 

The hired referral will be saved under "Hired" and will be deleted based on the number of days chosen in the Account Preferences (read more about it here). 

If needed you also have the possibility to reopen the hired referral. You can then find the referral "in progress" again and the points are deducted from the Talent Scout.

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