How to view a Referral?


On the menu under Referrals you can see all the referred candidates, divided into four groups: 

  • Accepted Referrals: the referral has been accepted but the candidate hasn’t finished their application (see the difference between Referral and Application here).
  • In progress: the referral has applied and the recruiting process is ongoing. 
  • Hired: the referral has been hired.
  • Closed: the referral has been closed.


By default, you see all the Referrals where you are the contact person. If you edit the settings in the filter tab, you can look for specific Referrals by inserting a keyword (e.g. job title) or by adapting the following filters: 

  • Rating
  • Contact person
  • Department
  • Location 
  • Name of the Referral


On the right-hand side of the card with the Referral details, you see the Talent Scouts feedback (if submitted):

  • When Positive, a Thumbs up is displayed 
  • When Neutral, a Wave is displayed
  • When Negative, a Thumbs down is displayed 


If you want to read more about Talent Scout feedback, check here



By clicking on the name of the applicant, you can access the details of the Referral. 

On the left, you find information about the applicant: 


On the right, you find information about the Talent Scout and the source of the referral: 

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