How to enforce authentication via Single-Sign-On (SSO)?

You can prevent your users from logging in with a username and password and only provide them with the option to log in via SSO (Single Sign-On).

Please make sure that the SSO configuration is working properly before enforcing SSO. 

This option is available only if single sign-on has been enabled for your Employee Referrals company account and is currently in use.

To enable authentication via SSO only, follow these steps: click on your Name > Account Preferences > Authentication > Single Sign-On, and toggle the switch next to "Authentication via Single Sign-On only".

Please note that once authentication via SSO only has been activated, the following features will be deactivated:

  • Inviting users via Employee Referrals 
  • Registration page
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Password Policy

Recommended steps before enforcing Single Sign-On (SSO):

Prior to enforcing SSO only for your Employee Referrals company account, we highly recommend creating a backup administrator user with an email address that is not linked to SSO (e.g.

If SSO is not functioning correctly, please contact our support team and request to disable SSO-only authentication. You can then use your backup account to regain access to your company account.

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