How to set up the Registration page?

By using the Registration page, Talent Scouts can quickly and easily create a profile in your Employee Referrals account.

You can activate or deactivate the Registration page by clicking on your Name/Photo > Account Preferences > User Management > Registration Page.

If the page is active, your link is ready to be shared over the intranet or company messenger.

  • If the page is active, users will see the message you configured (see how here) and the possibility to enter their email address and register.
  • If the page is disabled, users will see a message informing them that registrations are closed.


If you want to control which users can register, you can restrict the allowed domains by adding them (e.g. and separating them with a comma. If the star (*) is in the "Allowed Domains" field, there are no restrictions, and users can register with any email (e.g. private email).

If you are using enforced Single Sign-On, the registration page will be automatically deactivated.

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