What is Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor-Authentication adds an additional level of security to avoid unauthorized access. 

This feature can be activated based on the user's role (see more about user roles here) in the Account Preferences > Authentication > Multi-Factor-Authentication. 

Each user with the specified role will be asked to set up multi-factor authentication the next time they log in. To use MFA, the users need an "Authenticator App"(e.g. Google Authenticator) on their smartphones. This app generates the required "key/number code" as an additional security feature.

MFA can be disabled for single users, by editing the user setting in the User Management tab of your Account Preferences and clicking on the "3 dots" on the far right. 

If you disable MFA for a specific user group, this will not affect users who have already configured MFA in their own account (learn more about it here).

Please note: if SSO is enforced, MFA will not be requested. 

Users can also enable MFA for their own accounts (see more about it here).

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